ED 505

In Education 505 I learned about the various aspects that will likely impact education in the near future, as well as ways in which organizations and schools can react and deal with these coming changes.  The course helped me to gain a better understanding of the many moving parts that affect education and educational reform, such as changes in public policy, technology, economy, and demographics. To accommodate for these changes schools need to use different types of futuring techniques to adequately prepare for these modifications.  ED 505 provided me with the knowledge and tools that I can use in the future to help deal with and implement changes in my future educational career.

Below is a paper and presentation that discusses the future vision for the Frank A. Berry School.  It provides an overview of the school setting, current and relevant trends in education, futuring techniques used to implement the vision, as well as the opportunities and challenges that the future vision presents.

Final Paper

Presentation Slides


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